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My Career - sloh anglicky

My Future Career

When I was a child I had never though about my future career. I was influenced by stories and fairy-tales and I wanted to have various adventures. Hardly any of those came true because children´s views of the world are too romantic.
Then I started to attend Basic School and all my dreams changed. I was fond of many things and did lots of hobbies- I listened to the music, play football, go to the cinema? and I liked all my school subjects. I wanted to be an architekt, an author, a cook, a vet or a lab asistent, a scientist, a chemist , a postman, a trachet, a journalist, an editor, a judge, a technician, an artist, a custome-officer, a forester. Later my patrents advised me to go on to a Secondary School.
During my studies I began to think of what I would really like to do and so did my parents and sisters. It was quite easy, becasuse my favorite subject is Mathematics and I am also interested in computers. But at first I must finish my Secondary School.
. After it there I would like to study The University of Economics or Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. Rather I would like to study the University of Economics, because after finishing it I would have two qualifications, computer specialist and engineer of economy. The second school is very good too, because I would have a complex overview in computers. During the studies I would like to join some exchange program for students and study few months abroad. It would be absolutely perfect, because of get some experience with foreign circumstances. Next aim I would like to achieve is to learn fluently French and German. It?s necessary, because we are surrounded by German speaking countries and the official language in the European Union is the French.
My school selection has another advantage. After reach some experience skills in the computer world I could certify my knowledge by Microsoft certificating program. The test and certificate are world reputable, which could be very useful in the future job. During the studies, there is a possibility to work for a company connected with school, where I could get some experience as a practice. If I found some good practice during my studies I would try to lunch out on my own. I would try to find a flat and live my own life. I have to prove to everybody, especially to my family, that I am able to see after myself.
After the school I would like to find well paid work, but I would have to enjoy it. In the work which I don?t enjoy I don?t do maximum for it and it?s not good. After get some experience If possible I would like to create my own computer company, because what I know certain is that I don?t want to work with some company and after fifty years they will tell me ?By Mike, you were good, but we don?t need you anymore?. That?s my nightmare.
I want to leave some product of my whole life work here.
I exactly don?t know the specialization of my future company, but I would like to undertake in the computer world, because it has a future. That?s another reason why I would like to study the University of Economics.
For choice I would like to undertake with my present friends, because I can believe them and they will study similar schools. I believe that would be successful company and we would earn a lot of money. I would buy a comfortable car and I would buy a land and built a big house with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
The bases for a good life are the material resources and a life partner. I don?t enjoy the marriage so I would like to live with my partner without it at least until the time we would have children, because it?s not necessary for me to have an affirmation which allows me to live with somebody I love. I think that it is a modern tendency to live without a marriage, so I would try it. I suppose that people will come to know each other better. After I will have children I would like to look after my family, so the conditions is that the company will be reputable and it will be run by perspective people and I will only share the profits and do only the representative functions as propagations of our interests.

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